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Is the melamine tableware safe?

Everyone must be familiar with melamine tableware. Even if you have not heard of the name of melamine tableware, it has become popular as a substitute for traditional porcelain in the dining table of thousands of households, large restaurants such as hotels, hotels, canteens, etc. It can be seen everywhere in the place. It is not porcelain, not plastic. It is made of Melamine powder. It is a powdery thermoforming material with melamine as the main component.

It has the characteristics of hard, durable and not easy to be broken. It has been loved by people since its popularity. The products have been involved in trays, plates, fruit bowls, rice bowls and soups. Bowl, salad bowl, noodle bowl series; children's bowl, plate, grid plate, knife, fork, spoon, and adult, children's suit series; insulation pad, coaster, pot mat series; cup, coffee cup, wine glass series; All kinds of suits, salad series, kitchen, bathroom utensils; ashtrays, pet supplies, and other Western-style tableware, etc., are frequent visitors on the table.

Recently, it has been reported that the quality of melamine tableware on the market is frequent, and the test was carried out by the “Japanese Health Experiment Method”. As a result, 20 pieces of melamine tableware were dissolved in melamine, and the proportion was shocking! According to the author's research, it is found that there are many small brands of melamine tableware on the market, and the products of third-rate workshops are not rare. If consumers purchase such products, they will seriously endanger the health of consumers.

The melamine tableware can be used, but it can't be used indiscriminately. Experts appeal to consumers to choose the qualified and quality compliant brand goods when choosing melamine tableware, U choose melamine tableware, international famous melamine tableware brand, It has been tested by both the market and consumers, and its security is guaranteed. It is a quality choice suitable for consumers.


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